Sampler Menu:

Creative Taster $500

  • Our sampler is just what it sounds like; after your creative input, you get three 'concept' pitches.  You are free to walk away, even taking the great creative with you.  Or we can negotiate more creative.

Concept Tray - $2000

  • Work Up takes a 'concept' into how it would execute, be that print, radio, social media, viral or other work to define a campaign.  We take the concept you like and do the full Kepner Trego on it.  

Campaign Management Buffet - 

  • Rock Star when we have a Campaign, everybody can understand the scope of work and put real numbers behind the project.  Cost depends on the vision and quality.  We can do inexpensive work; really great work usually takes more time and effort; it's your choice.

Hint: Dave has a six pack.


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