We cultivate and ignite consumer’s love for brands. We’re an advertising agency that creates engaged fanatics who deliver value in the real world and on the wide web one. We turn people into fans of your brand by creating experiences that interest and engage them over time. We make hearts race. We make voices scream. We make it rain dead presidents.

We are an independently owned creative agency based in Minnesota.
We operate over these disciplines: Planning and Strategy. Client Service. Creative. Production, & Likeability.

Strategy & Planning

Dave in our Strategy department delivers spot-on insights that inspires the creative while driving meaningful brand differentiation and connection. He loves research that takes a fresh and real approach to uncovering truths and he's absolutely an obsessed student of the evolving relationships between people and brands including all the ways the two interact. Dave gets to work on every creative challenge we face, leading primary research both qualitative and quantitative, and even tackling strategy-only positioning projects. 


Well, first of all, everyone at Sharp Advertising is creative. It’s a prerequisite. Dave, our founder, hails from the creative side of things. Lead by Dave, this department is nothing short of magical. If we were really cocky, we’d call our creative some of the best in the world. But we’re not cocky. Quite the opposite, we’re humble. Humble enough to admit that we are only in the top 1% of creative firms in the world. Really top .5% but again, we’re humble. We feel we solve problems creatively as well as anyone out there except for those in Helsinki, Finland. Those creative bastards are amazeballs!


It doesn’t matter if you have great never-been-done-before ideas if you can’t pull them off. Since we are in the business of building things, Dave offers guidance and experience in building those things from the ground up. That’s not to say we don’t crush traditional mediums. But our production department can produce anything from a POS campaign to traditional broadcast. We work across all mediums and media. We also have our own internal capabilities to produce content for the fast-moving, high-paced content world of the thing people call the internet.

Client Services

Dave in account management is second to none. Maybe it’s because we were founded by a creative guy and that made us feel the extra need to be buttoned up. Or maybe it’s just because we believe in great communication. It’s funny how so many so-called communication companies are the worst at actually communicating. In account speak, grown up words: All of us at Sharp Advertising strive to become an extension of your marketing team and provide proactive thought leadership and a solution oriented approach to all challenges. Our goal is to be the best part of your day. 

Digital & Social

When it comes to social or digital, we don’t really break it out in terms of the thinking. It is spread across all of the departments equally, but we do have a technological mind. And a lot more technological than Jimmy Hawking, probably, since we don’t even know who that is. This is an ever changing world and it consists of conceptual thinking across all of the main social platforms as well as measuring the crap out of everything. Words like analytics, optimization, HTML [insert newer than new version here] and other tech words run wild over here.


It doesn't matter who you interact with, likeability is something all of us Sharp Advertising share. We're so gosh darn like able we we just can't help outselves. We're super fun at parties. We make interesting conversation with random childhood references so everyone is in on the yabba yabba doo gay old time.